“We wrote the rules the carriers use.
Now we put that knowledge to work for you!”

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Shipper’s Advocate


Shipper’s Advocate (SA) provides contingency-based audit and consulting services to significantly reduce your UPS and FedEx shipping costs. Our parcel specialists are former corporate insiders who developed the policies and pricing models that UPS and FedEx use to maximize their profits on your shipping. Now we turn the tables on the carriers and put that experience and expertise to work for you.


Prove that SA can find them money


Based on what SA learns provide a path forward


Having established the relationship, show what more SA’s broader industry expertise (Contract Optimization)

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Our domestic freight team specializes in custom LTL and FTL cost management solutions that include freight classification consultation, reducing accessorial charges, and addressing issues such as Weights & Inspections expenses. We don’t just get you the best rate today, we get you the best rate and service over the long haul.


LTL/TL Transportation Cost Management


API-Driven Transportation Management System

Internation transportation by Shipper's Advocate Parcel & Freight Cost Reduction



With decades of experience, our full service international logistics provider brings to Shipper’s Advocate services including ocean and air freight brokering, customs brokering and compliance solutions. Our network of agents allows us to handle international transportation in ports worldwide.


Ground, Ocean, Air

Cost Savings

You build your business by building your products, developing relationships, and shipping the goods to your customers when and where the request it. Your growth and profits demand that you fulfill the orders as cost and time efficiently as possible. From auditing current shipping costs, contract negotiation to identifying the best options to deliver your goods – parcels to combines, let Shipper’s Advocate start by reviewing your current billing to identify potential savings to you. We are motivated to find savings for you, because we only get paid AFTER we you save money!

Audits Get Refunds

Opening the door to savings on your shipping begins with a FREE Shipper’s Advocate review of your current billing. We will look at every dimension of your current billings and identify where your savings can start! The output will be actionable data that can be put into effect as soon as the Audit Report is that will drive your decision to start realizing your savings when you partner with Shipper’s Advocate!


Contract Negotiations

Getting the best deal is a product of knowing what you want, how much you want to pay for it, and how much the item/service is valued. And as you know, your contract with the carrier is much more complex than that. Your shipping characteristics – cost, speed, distance, etc. – determine how much you must pay the carriers to deliver your product. Shipper’s Advocate has visibility to many industries and categories and, as such, we are very experienced in carrier contract negotiations. It is what we do every day not just once every few years.

Solutions Provider

Each day is filled with challenges. Exceeding those challenges is possible because you have identified the members of your team that are best at what they do. Is your packaging driving costs? Do you have too many late pick-ups? How was your last contract negotiation with your carrier? Let the Shipper’s Advocate team complete a thorough analysis of your needs – expressed and implied – and provide you with solutions. We get paid only after we save you money!

Proven Experience

Our team is experienced at, and passionate about saving you money on shipping! From setting pricing to designing the refund programs to years as a carrier client, our team has seen it and wants to put that knowledge to work to identify the best solution(s) for your business.

Data Security

Our business is 90% data and the rest is insuring that we are listening to you, our client! Therefore our priority is insuring the safety of data. Every single Shipper’s Advocate client will attest to the fact that we have never compromised their data – we have been in serving clients for more than two decades!