How can you optimize your UPS/FedEx small parcel pricing like a million dollar shipper, even if you only spend $80,000 annually?

Dec 4, 2020 | News

“We wrote the rules the carriers use.
Now we put that knowledge to work for you!”

Up until now, managing UPS and FedEx transportation spend has concentrated on refunds and post billing audits focusing on items such as dimensional weight and address corrections. None of the companies that provide optimization services would engage a company that spends $80,000 annually. That has all changed. Shipper’s Advocate has recently introduced an optimization service designed for what UPS and FedEx have termed “small shippers”. Similar to the importance of small businesses in the U.S. economy, these “small shippers” are extremely important to both carriers. “Small shippers” pay the highest rate per package and are the backbone to UPS and FedEx profitability. 

Reducing shipping costs of “small shippers” requires an understanding of the profitability and pricing practices of the carriers. The process of rate reduction includes the following steps:

  1. Shipper’s Advocate  discusses the goals and needs of the shipper
  2. Shipper’s Advocate performs a study of the shipper’s individual package characteristics
  3. Shipper’s Advocate presents findings and estimate of savings to shipper
  4. Shipper signs contract with Shipper’s Advocate to obtain best pricing available
  5. Shipper’s Advocate prepares RFP s 
  6. Carriers respond to RFP
  7. Shipper’s Advocate reviews offers with Shipper. Shipper picks which carrier’s offer to accept.
  8. Shipper signs new carrier pricing agreement.

The shipper is in full control of the bidding process at all times. If you are interested in saving money with UPS and FedEx and your company spends more than $80,000 per year, contact Shipper’s Advocate  at (609) 792 6397.

You don’t have to spend a million bucks to optimize your small parcel pricing with UPS and FedEx like a million dollar shipper.


How can you optimize your UPS/ FedEx small parcel pricing like a million dollar shipper, without spending a million bucks?


Up until now, shippers spending less than $250,000/year for UPS/FedEx shipping were on their own.  No transportation cost management provider would offer them pricing optimization services.  At best, they could get help recovering service refunds from the carriers and identifying issues with accessorials, like Address Corrections and Dimensional Weight.

Now, that’s changed.

Shipper’s Advocate just launched a parcel pricing optimization service designed for the businesses that UPS and FedEx label “small shippers”.  Now companies that spend as little as $80,000 per year on UPS/FedEx shipping have access to the same pricing expertise as the “big boys”.

“Small shippers” are extremely important to UPS and FedEx.  Similar to the importance of small businesses in the U.S. economy, “small shippers” are the backbone of UPS and FedEx profitability.  They account for a significant percentage of the carriers’ total volume, but they also pay the highest rate per package of all commercial shippers.

Optimizing of parcel pricing requires a specialist’s knowledge of UPS/FedEx pricing policies and practices, and a complete understanding of how the carriers profit on every package shipped.  Now, with Shipper’s Advocate, “small shippers” have access to the expertise only “the big boys” could get.

Shipper’s Advocate leverages unrivalled pricing knowledge and expertise to inform a collaborative, guided pricing optimization process that puts “small shippers” in the driver’s seat at the UPS/FedEx negotiations table:

  • The shipper is in complete control of the pricing optimization process.  Shipper’s Advocate informs and advises the process, providing RFP development and carrier response analysis.
  • Shipper’s Advocate’s experts inform carrier selection and pricing choices, but the shipper makes all final decisions.
  • Pricing and service contracts are in the shipper’s name.
  • Compensation for Shipper’s Advocate’s services is strictly based on verifiable, hard savings.

If your company spends $80,000 or more per year on UPS/FedEx parcel shipping, contact Shipper’s Advocate at (609) 792-6397 to start saving now.

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