UPS, FedEx, and DHL

Freight — Domestic
Less-Than-Truckload, Full Truckload, and Intermodal

Freight — International
Ocean, Air, Customs, and Compliance


  • UPS/FedEx Invoice Audit and Recovery
    • Your carrier invoices are audited to record level detail, and every package you ship is tracked to delivery.
    • Refunds and credits are recovered and applied to your UPS/FedEx accounts for service failures, packages manifested but not shipped, and dimensional weight adjustments.
    • Custom reports are generated at executive overview and package level detail to provide you carrier performance oversight, to manage accessorial charges, and to inform your shipping processes, thereby driving additional savings to your bottom line.
  • UPS/FedEx/DHL Contract Optimization
    • Comprehensive analysis of your shipping characteristics and carrier terms is performed to identify savings opportunities achievable through contract modifications.
    • Consultation is provided to determine your operational priorities and recommend carrier agreement terms that best fit your business practices, ensuring optimal carrier rates, discounts, incentives, and service.
    • Request For Pricing bids based on your priorities and leveraging expert analysis are developed for submittal to carriers, thereby reversing their standard pricing procedures and re-positioning negotiations in your favor.
    • Ongoing analysis and recommendations ensure carrier compliance and proactively address carrier pricing and procedural changes, as well as changes in your business, to maintain the lowest possible parcel shipping costs.
  • Parcel Logistics Consulting
    • Modeling, analysis, and recommendations are offered to inform your business projections and decisions regarding pricing and supply chain considerations.

Freight — Domestic

  • LTL/TL Transportation Cost Management
    • Elite Less-Than-Truckload carriers offering industry leading rates and exceptional service are employed to move your goods to wherever needed.
    • Specialized Full Truckload carriers (Project, Reefer, Flatbed, Dry Van, Partials) handle your standard and most unique freight loads.
    • A proprietary Intermodal network provides you a cost-effective alternative to traditional Over-The-Road transportation options.
    • Trade show services guarantee your exhibit materials arrive on time and under budget.
  • API–Driven Transportation Management System
    • Cutting-edge API technology-driven TMS services enable you to interact directly with carriers’ servers to schedule, dispatch, and track shipments, to obtain weight and inspections updates, and to access shipment-related documentation such as BOLs and PODs, to improve efficiency and reduce time, effort, and costs.

Freight — International

  • Ocean and Air
    • Partner offices in the US and Hong Kong, as well as specialized agents throughout the world, ensure all aspects of your import and export shipping are handled professionally and cost‑effectively.
    • Leveraging conglomerated freight volumes ensures you get highly competitive steamship and air transportation rates.
    • Decades of global experience, and in-house certified specialists and brokers, are employed to guarantee attention to all of your customs, regulatory, and security compliance needs.

Custom solutions
for any and all transportation modes.