What is the service?

Shipper’s Advocate audits your company’s UPS invoices to obtain credits for packages delivered late and credits for packages manifested but not shipped. Information in the form of reports is provided to help you manage assessorial charges and the overuse of air services thereby reducing transportation cost.

How does it Work?

UPS offers time/day definite delivery on nearly every domestic and US origin international package. It is very tedious and time consuming to manually track each package and request your refunds. Shipper’s Advocate’s years of industry experience and computer capabilities have allowed us to automate the process. You enroll once, supplying us with the minimum necessary information. Shipper’s Advocate then does the tedious, repetitive work in the background. Your company will begin enjoying the benefits of our service immediately upon sign up. Watch our video

What do I get?

Your company will receive invoice credits from UPS for packages delivered late and packages manifested but not shipped. You will also receive a set of reports designed to help you drive cost out of your shipping process.

Using the information in our reports, Shipper’s Advocate will show you concisely how UPS is performing and help you isolate shipping costs that can be reduced. Each month you will receive the following reports

  • Summary Information Report – details the carriers on time performance based on the packages you have shipped. This report separates late refundable packages from late non refundable packages. The carrier decides which packages are refundable based on a set of business rules they have written.
  • Late Refundable Report – details each package that was delivered late and is refundable
  • Late Non-Refundable Report – details each package that was delivered late and is NOT refundable.
  • Billing Information Received Report – details all packages that were manifested by your company but not tendered to UPS
  • Efficiency Report – details all packages that were delivered via air services that would have been delivered on the same day if sent by ground service. Downgrading service reduces transportation expense significantly and your company keeps all the savings from the routing changes you make.
  • Address Correction Report – details the address you provided for delivery and the UPS “corrected” address for each package charged an address correction fee. While you can’t generally get that money back, you can prevent repetitive address corrections by using the information in the report to fix your address book in your manifest system. Your company keeps all the savings from the corrected address. Shipper's Advocate makes no additional charge.
  • Oversize, Dimensional Weight and Packaging Report – details the packages that have received an additional charges because they were Oversize, Over Weight or incorrectly packaged. Use the information to change how you package these products with the goal of reducing the container type and size to avoid these charges. Again, your company keeps all the savings from the revised packaging.

Click here to see a sample of these reports. (The names and addresses have been removed from these sample reports but your reports will have your customer’s names and addresses on the reports.)

What does it cost?

For $0 to $20 of refunds recovered in a month the charge is a flat $10. Over $20 of refunds recovered in a month will be charged 50% of refunds recovered. Billing is 30 days in arrears. (Billing starts after the free trial ends.)

What If I want to Cancel?

You can cancel at anytime. Of course, nothing is due if you cancel during the free trial. If you cancel after that we ask only that you pay a final bill for our fees up to the time of cancellation, no penalties or minimum contract time.

Who should use The Shipper's Advocate Service?

Any company interested in reducing cost and understanding their shipping processes that is enrolled in MyUPS. We offer the same service to UPS customers who are not enrolled in MyUPS (and also FedEx customers), please call (484) 948-1980 for details.

How do I get started?

If you Sign up now, we will process your two most recent UPS and FedEx invoices free of charge! Remember, you can cancel the service at any time.